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We all have our favorite products and scents here at WSP…but you can’t fight with data. I got a hold of a spreadsheet of all of our products from 2019 and how many were purchased. I thought it would be cool to share with all of you what our customers top picks of the year were here at WSP.


Pre-Shave: There’s a lot of talk as to if a pre-shave is necessary. But, for some people- a pre-shave is essential in order to get a smooth shave without any Knicks or cuts. Our most popular pre-shave oil this year was the unscented one! You may think this is boring, but it pairs with every soap and is definitely the most practical purchase that you can mix and match with any other products or brands.

Shave Soap: Our top seller BY FAR was Barbershop in Formula-T. Clean, nostalgic and classic…barbershop is a scent that is hard to beat. It’s great for all ages, seasons and occasions and it’s our top seller year after year.

Aftershave: Continuing the trend…Barbershop Aftershave Tonic was our top seller in this category. Tonic’s are more well known in the grooming community and are meant to tone and tighten the skin. Pair this refreshing formula with a crisp barbershop scent and you’ve got yourself a perfect post shave.

Brush: I was pleasantly surprised by this category. At WSP we offer 12 different kinds of brushes…11 are made with badger hair…and only 1 is synthetic. Well, the synthetic brush took this category! Synthetic brushes are typically softer and are perfect for sensitive skin. The black acrylic handle gives this brush a sleek look.

Razor: This year, we released the ‘El Grande 2.0’ which is a revised version of our safety razor. This release seemed to be a big hit, since the ‘El Grande 2.0-closed comb’ was our top seller! We also started offering stands for these beautiful razors, so you can display them on any counter to complete your shave den.


Beard Balm: The Barbershop Beard Balm was our best-selling balm in 2019! Once again, barbershop is a classic scent and one that most people love. Beard balm doubles as a deep conditioner as well as a styling agent so you can achieve your perfect look.

Beard Oil: This was a shocker to me! Tobacco Beard Oil broke the barbershop streak and stole this category! Tobacco is definitely a manly scent and is the earthiest scent we carry at WSP. We always see a ton of beard oil lovers when we go to shows and events and we expect the beard care brand to only grow as facial hair comes back into trend.


Bar Soap: The Tea Tree Shampoo and Beard bar was the celebrity of this category. It makes sense, you get the luxury of having hair that isn’t gunked up with chemical sand fake scents, and it comes in the convenience of a bar-perfect for travel!

Cologne: We offer our colognes in a spray EDP and as a solid cologne. Both have different benefits, but the one similarity is that both will leave you smelling great for long periods of time. Tobacco Vanilla stole the gold in both categories this year. Warm and earthy, this scent is inviting and cozy. It’s a manly smell that begs for people’s attention.

That’s an official wrap on 2019! Thanks again to all of our customers and fans who support us in every way possible. Here’s to another year full of looking and feeling your absolute best!



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