Wholesale, Private Label, & Contract Manufacturing


  • All of our products are offered at wholesale to retailers, priced at a normal retail markup, with a MAP (minimum advertised price).
  • While there are no minimum order quantities, we ask that soap & aftershave be purchased by the case.
  • We do not allow our products to be sold at auction or amazon.com
  • Fulfillment should take no more than two business days.
  • All orders will be sent UPS ground or flat rate priority mail unless otherwise requested.
  • Orders must be paid for in full prior to shipment.
Please email Lee, at lee@wetshavingproducts.com, with your business information to explore the possibility of a wholesale relationship with Wet Shaving Products. We look forward to working with you!

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

We have the experience and ability to manufacture your product. Whether it is a private label using our existing formulas or your own formula, we can do it. Take advantage of our expertise and purchasing power. We're a small business catering to other small businesses.

What we can and cannot private label: We can private label anything that we sell that IS NOT made out of metal, plastic, or the like. In other words: NO brushes, razors, stands, combs, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing cosmetics and sourcing packaging. We do not specialize in label design or printing. We can affix your labels to the products and can give you referrals for a printer.

We can make a custom uncomplicated scent, but it is not our specialty. We do have access to a large variety of options.

Please email Leeat lee@wetshavingproducts.com, to explore the possibility of a private label or contract manufacturer relationship with Wet Shaving Products. Please include the following information. We look forward to working with you!
  • Business Name. Online, brick & mortar, or both.
  • Your job title and phone number.