Our Year in Review: 2019

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It’s been quite the year for us here at WSP. As we look back on this past year, we are so grateful for all of you for making this a year of growth and progress. Let’s take a look at some highlights from this past year!

Our Team Grew: We were so happy to have our Cory join our production team. He has helped reorganize the warehouse and keeps us stocked on all of our products. He has also traveled all around Arizona running our booth at fairs and festivals. Plus, he’s got a great beard and has loved using our products to grow the most luscious beard. We also added a packaging assistant, McKay. Since all of our products are handmade and hand packaged, the process takes a long time and we needed extra hands in the warehouse. We are grateful for all of our new team members for helping us grow and expand as a business.

Our Events Grew: We were so excited to attend new events this year. A huge highlight was being a vendor at the Big Shave S’West in downtown Chandler. We were able to meet so many shavers who we interact with online all the time. We were also able to take a weekend trip down to Tucson Arizona and participate in a festival. We had a ton of success and will definitely return again. We are always so happy to continue attending Home and Garden shows and also the Tempe Festival for the Arts. We are looking forward to attending more events this next year!

Our Products Grew: We have been able to rebrand and expand our product line a lot this year. We came out with WSP T-Shirts and new banners, stickers and logos. We rebranded our Aftershave balms and our bar soap labels. We also added our ‘ugly soaps’ to our WSP collection which allows us to share our products with a wider audience for a cheaper price. Our product line looks more refined, sleek and professional and we are absolutely obsessed with the new graphics we have.

Looking ahead to 2020 we are excited to continue developing more products, including our Women’s Line. We are also thrilled to continue delivering quality products all around the world. Thanks you for following, sharing and supporting us this year and we look forward to more amazing years to come.

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