How It's Made

Ever wonder how your favorite WSP products are made? Wonder no more! We're about to show you.

Everything is filled by hand and made in small batches. Our liquid products are carefully weighed, combined, and poured into each bottle. We don't have a bottling plant, we just have a funnel. And some mixing bowls. Once filled & capped, the labels are applied by hand, the bottle is cleaned, and shrink wrap or tape is used to ensure no tampering.

All of our software is made in house using proprietary formulas developed by Lee. He just sits in a corner somewhere and spends his days mixing fragrances together and tweaking formulas like a mad scientist. And since we don't believe in animal testing, Lee has the WSP crew and a select group of human guinea pigs volunteers try all our new products and fragrances before offering them up for sale.

Shaving Soap Manufacturing

Our shaving soaps are made using the hot process method. This does require the use of lye to saponify (transform into soap, or as I like to say, "soapify") oils and create the fabulous shaving soap we make. The first step is to accurately measure the ingredients. This requires a precise scale to ensure exact measurements.

The lye is mixed with water and the oils are melted. Then the lye & water mixture is combined with the oils and the saponification process begins. The mixture is stirred and heated until all the lye has turned into soap. Can't have lye heavy soap after all.

Once the saponification process has finished, we transfer the mixture into our large mixer and add the fragrance. Then, we scoop the hot soap into the tins and set them aside to cure for up to 5 weeks.

Once the curing process is finished, we lid the tins, clean them off, and apply the labels by hand.

Our Brushes

All our brushes were designed in America. With over two decades of wet shaving experience, Lee knows what makes a great brush.

Our premium level brushes are assembled in America by an outside contractor. We have our factory make our knots to our exacting specifications. Our handles come from a few carefully curated factories. Once in America, they are glued together, packaged, and sent to us where we do a final inspection and then send them on to you.

Straight Razor Sharpening

Straight razors is where it all began. Before WSP, Lee was sharpening straight razors on the side, doing business as A Sharper Razor. He's been sharpening for over 20 years. We sharpen all our straight razors, and customers' razors too, in house, right here in Chandler.

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