July News

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I'm always busy working on new & existing projects, here's this month's update on what's happening at WSP.

Shaving Cream Update

It's coming! I promise. Look for an email soon.

Black Orchid

A limited run of 100 tins has been made in the original Rustic Formula.

Scent Profile - This is a dark and fantastic scent. Made with wood and fruit accords, the notes include: Black Truffle, Black Orchid, Black Plum, Noir Gourmand Accord, Patchouli. Inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid.
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New Aftershave Balm Scents

I've added a few more scents to the aftershave balm line to match the splashes. Matterhorn, Mahogany, & Black Amber are now part of the regularly lineup.

And to celebrate the release of these new scents, I'm offering $10 off your next aftershave balm order. Use code "aftershavebalm". Cannot be combined with other codes. Code good for at least 14 days.
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Face Lotion is On Sale!
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May 1st News

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I'm always busy working on new & existing projects, here's this month's update on what's happening at WSP.

I Made Face Lotion!

Okay, I've actually had the Tea Tree version out with testers for the past few months already. But good news! I'm opening up the beta test to everyone. Or at least everyone who knows about it.

It's a lightweight, but powerful formula. It's non-comedogenic & features Argan Oil, Aloe, & Shea Butter. It'll come in two varieties: tea tree for problem skin & unscented.

Until the end of May, use code "facelotion" for 50% off. Cannot be combined with other offers.
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Shaving Cream Update

So what's the delay... In two words: production issues. We're running into some last minute roadblocks preventing me from ramping up production. I'll have more information on this as I figure it out, but as of this exact moment, no ETA.

New Scent Releases

Formula T Citrus Blast will be making a comeback very soon. Citrus fans, rejoice!

Summer Breeze may also make a return this year. I haven't decided yet, but it is on the table.

Cologne Scents in the Works

I've been pretty busy in the perfumery lab this past couple of months. I've finalized the formulas on a couple of new fragrances: Tobacco Vanille & Original Vetiver.

Tobacco Vanille is a blend of Tobacco absolute & vanilla. Featuring top notes of vanilla & tobacco, heart notes of Oakmoss & Atlas Cedar, and finishing with Tobacco & Tonka Bean.

Original Vetiver will feature a top note of bergamot & vetiver, a heart of ginger, with a base of Java Vetiver, Virginia Cedar, & Ambergris.

And in the works is what I'm calling Black Vetiver. It will feature vetiver & black pepper.

Scented 'Poo Bars!

Good news! I've decided to make another run of scented shampoo bars! Tobacco is currently out of stock, but I should have more in a few days, so if it's not in stock now, check back in a few days.
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How WSP is Restoring Dignity to the Less Fortunate

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We're pleased to announce that we have teamed up with ONe TRUe LOVe to help restore dignity to the homeless by donating new toiletries. While we've been donating soaps to shelters in the past, we are very excited to announce our new formal initiative and our partnership with ONe TRUe LOVe.

For every 10 bars or tins of soap we sell at full price, we will donate 1 bar of soap.

Toiletries are the #1 requested item by shelters and organizations which help the needy. Taking a shower every day is an everyday luxury of the modern world that many people have lost. Just being clean can help restore basic human dignity. A shower and a shave can truly make someone feel human again.


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