What are My Favorite Scents??

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Today I’m going to take things to a more personal level and open up about a question I get asked ALL THE TIME: What are my favorite scents. Since I started working at WSP, scent has taken on a whole new meaning. Honestly, I used to not notice scent very much…and I’m going to blame that on my seasonal allergies. Now, I can’t help but walk through a room and pick up on scents that trigger memories and emotions. My life has become more vibrant, all because I decided to notice the smells around me.

Because scent is so important to me, I love to assign people their specific smell and I think that a fragrance can play a key role in determining your overall branding and look. For example, I wouldn’t want my dad to smell the same way as my boyfriend. You may want a different scent for a night-out versus a day in the office. I associate smells with people and memories…so I personally prefer when someone has maybe one or two scents that they stick with (fragrance collectors, feel free to roast me in the comments.)

Knowing all this information, here are my favorites:

Barbershop: This is my dad’s scent. It’s clean, fresh and comfortable.  I know my dad has a big meeting or presentation or he’s taking my mom out when he puts barbershop on.

Oud Citron: A unique blend of oud and citrus, the inner Arizona girl in me screams when I smell this. It reminds me of summer and waking up to fresh juice. Oud Citron does have a strong lemon pull, so this scent almost makes me want to pucker my face. It’s a fresh twist on a lemon scent and I am obsessed with the crispness and sour notes.

Olympus: The smoked pineapple in this leaves me speechless. This scent is usually a fan favorite for ladies who come to the shop and I am definitely included in that mix. It’s a sweet scent, but not in an overpowering way. There’s a perfect balance of fruitiness and a smoked manliness that will fit any occasion.

Matterhorn: This is my current favorite…I am absolutely smitten by this scent. It’s a dupe of Creed’s Silver Mountain water and has a heart of black currant with some mandarin and a base of sandalwood. This is my boyfriend’s scent (which I HEAVILY suggested he wear) and I am obsessed with it. I think for me, the freshness of the mandarin mixed with the depth of the currant really hits the spot.

These are just a FEW of my favorite scents…I could probably write 3 more blogs just on this topic. To simplify, anything with citrus or fruit is an automatic favorite for me, and lately I’ve also been loving sandalwood and musky scents. Above all, I think what truly makes a fragrance personal to you is when you associate it with an amazing memory or person…that’s what makes a specific scent last a lifetime.

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