WSP Summer Update

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As always, we have been super busy here at WSP the past few months. In the summer, we typically slowdown in sales, so it gives us time to tackle some side projects and make new products as well as prepare for the fall and winter holidays. Lee asked me to update you all on what we are working on and what you can expect from us in the next few months! Thanks for being such amazing followers and customers to our brand…you make these exciting changes possible for all of us.

  1. Women’s Line: Perhaps the biggest news of all is that we are launching a sister company to WSP which will focus completely on women’s products! I am extremely excited for this because we have been working hard on figuring out designs as well as testing a TON of new products for the line. I’m not going to reveal the name of the brand yet, but it will be dropping this summer and both Lee and I have worked so so so hard on this so we hope you all like it.
  2. Shaving Cream formula: Lee is revising it once again! Our shaving cream is somewhat new to us and Lee is still trying to make it PERFECT. We expect to have the new formula out soon, but we are still testing out different batches. The goal of this new formula is to be even more creamy and moisturizing then right now!
  3. Vetiver Soap: We have been releasing limited editions soaps this summer like crazy! At least one more limited-edition soap will be dropped this summer…FRESH VETIVER!! It’s everything you would want from a vetiver soap and perfect for the warmer weather.
  4. T-Shirts: You all have been asking for WSP merch and we finally are delivering. Trust me, this is an awesome design and you will be proud to rep WSP wherever you go! We hired a graphic designer to make this for us and it’s got the aesthetic of badass manly man. The design is a great mix between shaving gear and beard gear so it’s great for any WSP fan! We are very excited about these and they will be available hopefully by the end of July
  5. Home and Garden show: Once again, we will have a booth at the Home and Garden Show in Phoenix in July. These shows give us a great opportunity to meet some of our fans in real life and get our name out there even more. We are overall pumped for this, especially since we don’t normally do events in the summer because it’s so hot in Arizona!
  6. YouTube: Our YouTube channel hit 100 subscribers which is a huge accomplishment for us. Even though it may not seem like a lot, we have been hard at work trying to get a new video up each week. So far, we love the response we have gotten from our online audience and we plan on continuing to pump out videos! We are excited to see what we can do with this new (to us) platform

So, that’s what has been going on at WSP!! We are excited to see what this summer has in store for us and keep delivering new and better products for all of you. What do you want to see from us this summer?? Leave a comment below! Thanks for checking in and hanging out with us today and as always, thank you for supporting our small business.


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