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Listen, I could go on for days about the individual notes of each scent…you can also go find them on our website! Today I wanted to categorize our most popular scents into the *mood* they bring. Because let’s face it, you don’t want to smell the same all the time…you’ve got to mix it up! Sometimes going to your parents’ house calls for one scent profile but going out on a romantic date calls for a TOTALLY different scent. These categorizations are all based on my own opinions, so if you don’t agree it doesn’t mean you’re right or I’m wrong…scent profiles can smell different to everyone.

For the Office:

  • Tobacco: It’s mature, it’s earthy, it screams professional…in the subtlest way. It doesn’t smell like cigarettes…think instead of the most heavenly blend of earthy spices and freshness, that’s the definition of Tobacco.
  • Barbershop: It’s clean and crisp…you really can’t go wrong here. Barbershop is one scent that is pretty universal and also decently generic, so it fits in with almost any occasion. Unlike tobacco, this is a scent you would want to use if you’re trying to just show everyone that you are preppy, put together, and ready to rock the day. Tobacco is a more mature scent, but barbershop is perfect to pair with any office shenanigans.

For Family Gatherings:

  • Gaelic Tweed: Clean with a floral twist. It’s peppy, fun, and perfect for all of your relatives to comment on. Tweed is a little more complex than the barbershop and will definitely help you to make an entrance to any family reunion/party. Also, it won’t give all of your relatives a headache…which is an added bonus.
  • Black Amber Vanilla: Now, this scent is not for someone who just wants something light and subtle. Black Amber is BOLD and SWEET. A lot of women loooove this smell, and it is a WSP employee favorite, for a reason- it’s incredible! Black Amber is a smell that will make your mom or aunt pull you in for another hug and cheek pinching session (haha). It’s one that is complex in how it isn’t sweet like cotton candy, more like sweet in a mature and established way. It’ll be a subtle flex to all of your accomplishments because you are truly a confident person if you can put on black amber, strut in it, and rock any dreaded (or loved) family reunion.

For the Romantic Evening Out (or in)

  • Mahogany: It’s spicy, sweet and just straight up sexy. This scent starts out with an initial punch of spiciness and wood. It evens itself out and leaves you with a sweet and lingering woody smell. The woody and rustic look is in right now, and this smell pairs perfectly with that. It’s cozy which will just entice your date to come closer…
  • Olympus: Flirty, fruity and fresh…this will give off a completely opposite scent from Mahogany…but just like how no two women are the same, no two scents are the same! Olympus is perfect for first dates and just fun environments where you want to subtly show that you can put yourself together. It opens with an initial punch of pineapple and apple but dries down to be smokier and is a great scent for any time of day but especially for brunch and early evening dates.


Fragrances are a great way to finish off your look and set a mood, but they can also lead to your downfall if not chosen and used correctly. Be sure to not over-use colognes or aftershaves, you want the person to SEE you before they SMELL you. Be confident in your smell of choice and in yourself! Do you have any other *moods* and scents that you think correlate—leave them in the comments below!

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