Increase the Longevity of your Bar Soap

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I love WSP’s large collection of hand&body, face and shampoo bar soaps. They smell great, leave me moisturized and the ingredients don’t make my skin irritated. Plus, they leave you clean…it’s a win-win-win-win hahaha. With that being said, when I first started using our natural bar soaps, I realized that they are a lot softer than a drugstore bar and they would get very soft and not last very long. This was very frustrating for me because I wanted to enjoy every last bit of my soap! Here are a few tips I discovered preserve your soap for a little longer…of course, they will still be softer than a drugstore bar soap, but these tips help to keep the softness of the soap in check.

  1. DO NOT STORE IN A WET PLACE: I was keeping my soap in the little cubby inside the shower wall…which meant my soap was almost constantly exposed to some sort of humidity or water. This type of slow and consistent moisture is a really bad combination with any soap but especially for a soap with no preservatives. Keep your soap outside of the shower on a flat, dry surface
  2. If you do want to get a soap dish, get one with ridges in it. It’ll be way easier for you to grab the soap because it won’t sink into the bottom of the soap dish. So, you won’t get nasty soap gunk at the bottom of your dish when you finish a bar. There’re some great options on Etsy and you can even get them personalized. Also, a beautiful handmade soap dish and bar of handmade soap would make a great gift for a housewarming party!
  3. Lather in your hands: When you rub the soap in between your hands and then apply to your body rather than applying straight to your body, you are able to have a lot more control over where those glorious suds land. This will let you use less product but still get you clean. Using a loofah or rag is also a great way to have more control in difficult to reach spots such as your back…you don’t want to waste the product going over the same spot 100 times!

Sort of a short and sweet blog this week, but there isn’t really a TON you can do to increase your soap longevity. Of course, you will run out eventually so if you have fallen in love with our soaps, make sure to check out our bundle deals where you can get 3 or 6 bars for a discounted price. Even with these tips, our soaps will probably not last as long as an Irish Spring or Dove bar…but quality over quantity! These soaps aren’t packed with chemicals to keep you clean. They’re good, old fashioned soap and they will leave you feeling clean and confident.

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