Why Natural Soap?

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Choosing the perfect bar of soap can be a daunting task. I mean, if you walk into any basic retail store, there is going to be dozens of brands of soap in different fragrances, strengths, colors, and shapes. Many of these soaps have chemicals in them that, while they get you squeaky clean, they can also strip your skin of the essential oils that moisturize your body. Natural bar soaps are a fabulous alternative to keep you clean and moisturized.

Because of the moisturizing properties found in natural soaps, they will leave your skin silky. It will be hardly necessary to re-moisturize with a myriad of lotions and products. Natural soap is a one-stop shop for all your cleaning and moisturizing needs!

Natural essential oils are used to fragrance soaps. Some of these oils can have other properties besides just smelling good. For example, lavender has the ability to relax and soothe. Peppermint can help to calm headaches and muscle aches. By picking a natural soap with properties that will benefit you, you have the ability to help your mental health while also staying physically clean!

A word of caution: because natural soaps obviously do not have preservatives in them, they evaporate and dissolve quicker than a regular bar of soap. If you want to increase the longevity of your soap, it is best to store it in a soap dish. If you do not plan on using your soap right away, we recommend putting it in a dry environment.

Natural Soap is a great alternative to typical soaps that you would find at a local retailer. Although they are usually more expensive than a basic bar of soap, the benefits outweigh the negatives in this situation and we know that you will enjoy making the change!

If you want to try out any of our natural, handmade soaps, make sure you add a sample to your cart at checkout. IT’S COMPLETELY FREE AND ALLOWS YOU TO EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF NATURAL SOAPS!

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