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If you’re new to wet shaving, picking the right brush may seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of types and grades of brushes, all ranging in price, shape, and color. At Wet Shaving Products, we sell mostly badger brushes, with the exception of one synthetic brush. Badger brushes are the most traditional type of brush and offer the longest longevity and best quality. Let’s dive into the basics of brushes. Today we will talk about three types of brushes; silvertip, best, and pure.

Pure: Pure badger is a great starter brush. A pure badger brush is usually the cheapest but will only last around three years. The hairs are coarser than a higher grade of badger hair, but some people like that more ‘rough and tough’ feel on their face. If your new to wet shaving and want to just try it out, a pure badger brush will deliver a vintage and simple effect.

Best: Best is a solid middle brush. It’s better quality than a Pure badger brush, but not as great as a Silvertip brush. The Best brush is very firm, which makes it perfect for if you are an avid shave soap user because it can easily get you a rich lather. Best badger brushes will be mostly brown or black, with some white accents. These brushes have the potential to last around four to five years and will deliver desired lathering effects while providing some luxury.

Silvertip: Silvertip brushes are known for their softness and luxury. The color usually ranges on the whiter side, with accents of black or brown. Silvertip brushes can get pricey, but they can last for upwards of 10 years if they are cared for properly. If you are committed to a wet shaving lifestyle, or you have very sensitive skin, a silvertip brush may be a good option.

Navigating the world of shaving brushes can get complicated, but in the long run, the more you pay for a shave brush the higher quality it will be and the longer it will last.



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