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You’ve just had the best shave of your life. Perfect lather, perfect fragrance, with a brand-new razor. We’ve all been there. Aftershave can be the cherry on top of this situation. It can leave you feeling tight and toned or moisturized and soothed. Like many other shaving products, when choosing an aftershave, it’s easy to get lost in the different types and fragrances.

When choosing a fragrance, the key is to make sure the different products will match or complement the current fragrance of your shaving soap. Many people like to get matching sets of everything in order to highlight one singular fragrance and accentuate the scent. On the other hand, some people like to mix and match fragrances in different products in order to come up with their own new scent combination. Either way, if you make sure the fragrances will go well together, you will smell great.

There are two main kinds of aftershaves. The classic form of aftershave is a tonic form. However, an alternative option is an aftershave balm. Both come with different benefits and both will leave you feeling ready for the day ahead.

Tonic: Aftershave tonic is the classic form of aftershave that you see in movies and TV shows. They are normally alcohol based, which leaves the skin feeling toned and tightened. They help to sanitize your skin and the fragrance will last all day long. If you are prone to irritation or nicks, they might sting your skin. Aftershave tonic will leave you feeling tight and ready to tackle any day that the office might throw at you.

Balm: Aftershave balm is the more underrated type of aftershave product. Obviously, it is a lotion-based product, which will leave your skin feeling moisturized without being clogged. At WSP, our balms are relatively light and non-greasy, which eliminates a lot of the shine that lotions can sometimes give. The fragrance found in balms is generally lighter which means it won’t last as long as a tonic. If you have more sensitive skin or you just want a light fragrance, an aftershave balm is the way to go.

Aftershaves can make or break your shaving experience. Make sure that when you are picking out a fragrance, it will coordinate with what you already have, and pick an aftershave that will best fit the needs of your skin. Happy shaving…or should I say, happy after-shaving!

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