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This semester, I am in a sustainability in graphic design class that basically teaches how we can take aspects of our lives and make them more sustainable and healthier for the planet. Today we talked about Zero-Waste living…now some of you might be rolling your eyes at this. Online, we see a lot of extreme zero-waste living situations and sometimes we chuckle and say, ‘well I could never do that.’ Zero-waste living obviously doesn’t happen overnight. But making a concentrated effort to eliminate some of your trash can make a huge difference. Since we are a men’s grooming company, I thought it would be great to go over some products you can invest in from our company that will help you to cut back on your trash.

Wet Shaving Starter Kit: A great way to start out if you are new to the wet shaving world. This kit will come with a shave soap (in one of our metal tins…cut back on plastic!), a safety razor and a basic brush. When you use disposable razors, you also use a lot of plastic. Investing in a safety razor is a good way to cut back on your plastic usage. Plus, the replaceable blades are only a few dollars and will eventually save you money in the long run. Click HERE to check it out!

Shampoo Bar: Our shampoo bars come in a cardboard box and therefore use a lot less packaging than the traditional plastic bottle of shampoo. They work just as good as a liquid shampoo and are great for travel because you don’t have to worry about transferring a liquid into a TSA friendly tube or stress about sticky shampoo spilling all over your luggage. It’s healthier for your scalp, has a better fragrance and better for the environment. Click HERE to check them out!!

Come visit our store! Obviously, this isn’t a viable option for everyone, since we have WSP fans all around the world! But, when you visit our store or a shaving shop that carries our products, you cut back on packaging materials that we use to ship products to you. You are also able to sample and try out scents before you invest in full size products. Buying products directly from our storefront in Chandler saves money for you and helps us to save boxes and bubble wrap for other orders. Hours and Directions can be found HERE

One way that WSP tries to cut back on waste is by using the same packaging materials for a majority of our products. We use the same boxes for all of our bar soaps but distinguish each scent by using a different wrap-around sticker label. We also use the same 4 oz and 1 oz metal tins for our shaving soaps, hair products, beard balms and mustache waxes. We try to use glass bottles whenever possible so that you can reuse or recycle. Being sustainable doesn’t always have to be difficult and you can easily incorporate more earth-friendly ways of living into your daily routines. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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