Taking Care Of Your Skin While Wearing A Mask

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In these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are forced to adapt to new ways of living. Among several other adjustments to our everyday lives, wearing a mask daily has now become a social norm. While masks are essential to help stop the spread of the virus, they pose some challenges in terms of our skin and how we care for it during this time. Take a minute to learn more about how to best navigate this new type of skincare routine.

Get on a solid shaving schedule

If you have facial hair, wearing a mask that covers this part of your face can either be a nice break in your shaving schedule or cause you to be frustrated with having to cover your beard or mustache. Either way, it is important to lock down a steady shaving and facial hair care schedule.

Because a mask sits directly on areas where men commonly have facial hair, you’ll want to be sure to use a high-quality blade or razor to avoid the discomfort of razor burn. Additionally, investing in some type of beard oil or balm will help keep the hair supple and reduce the chances of it drying out while being trapped within a mask for longer periods of time. 

Give problem areas extra attention

Due to the nature of mask-wearing, there are special areas that may be more prone to breakouts as a result of fabric covering the face for extended periods of time. Many people may experience clogged pores along the chin and cheek area. Using a natural face soap bar each day especially around these problem areas can help clear dirt and sweat buildup, limiting the amount of acne caused by the friction of your mask.

This can also be a challenging time for glasses wearers as masks not only cause lenses to fog up, but the condensation on frames can lead to breakouts along the bridge of the nose and temples. If this is a problem for you, consider switching to contacts to avoid breakouts and discomfort caused by glasses and masks sitting on the nose. Contacts can also offer up a fresh new look on top of creating better comfort. 

Choose the correct mask

By now, you have probably seen a wide variety of masks. While picking out different colors or patterns can be a fun way to add to your look, the structure and material of your mask is also just as important. On top of ensuring that your hands are clean when fastening your mask, finding a material that works specifically for your skin type will give you the best comfort.

Single-use paper masks are a great option for those that prefer convenience, but wearing these types of masks more than once can cause breakouts. Researchers have found that silk is an effective face covering and is less absorbent of water, helping minimize potential breakouts and sweat. Similarly, cotton masks are more breathable and help with acne-prone skin when properly washed.

Test out a few of these tricks and products as you continue to wear your mask and your skin will thank you! Wearing a mask isn’t always comfortable, but making the best of it and proactively caring for your skin and facial hair is a responsible way to look after yourself.

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