2020 Holiday Gift List

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Okay so did the holidays creep up on anyone else this year? With everything that's been going on this year, holidays can be a super stressful time.

Gifts and decorating and travel and family time...it's a lot. But giving the perfect presents can especially be a struggle. Every year, I put together a gift list with WSP products that are perfect for anyone. This year may be my favorite yet! We've been focused on rebranding this year and making our products look polished and classy. With that, let's dive right in to Mel's 2020 Holiday Wish List!!

1. Fragrance/Shaving Kits: These are on my list every year. Our shaving kit comes with a soap, brush and razor, and our fragrance kits come with an aftershave, soap, brush and pre-shave oil. You just pick the scent, and we do the rest! These are great for newbie shavers or people just looking to expand their collection.

2. Hand Balm: Every time I have given somebody a hand balm, it has quickly turned into a bathroom essential for them. They ring up to be a little over $10, which is PERFECT for co-workers, acquaintances, or for a stocking stuffer! Seriously, these are so perfect for colder weather.

3. Hair paste: This is a new product we introduced over the summer! It's a little less intense than our hair wax and hair clay, and is perfect for people who just need a little extra oomph to their daily hairstyle. It is a wax based product, but is medium hold and low shine.

4. Solid Colognes/Colognes: Colognes are such a classy holiday gift. They can be pricey, but definitley make the gift receiver feel pampered and special. Plus, you benefit because you get to smell amazing cologne! Solid colognes are great for travelers and are only $30, which makes them much more affordable. Tobacco Vanilla is our most popular scent - earthy, sweet and oh so sexy.

5. Beard Oil: The amount of times I have gifted this to my bearded family members is insane. Great stocking stuffer or great gift to pass on to your uncle that you see twice a year. haha. These come in tons of different scents, but barbershop and black amber vanilla are super popular. ANYONE with even a toy beard needs these. It will help the skin stay healthy and the beard hair stay soft and smell amazing. Need I say more?

So those are my top 5 gifts for 2020. Give any of these, or a combination of these, and you are going to have a very happy guy on your hands. Throw in a personal note or card and you are SET! Happy gifting everyone! 

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