2020 Wrapped: Top Products from WSP

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Hey everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We can't believe 2020 is pretty much over - it's been a challenging year for so many, so here's to new beginnings and a brighter year ahead. 

To wrap up 2020, we thought it would be fun to check out what products sold the most from our website!

Click HERE to read the 2019 wrap up and see what products sold the most last year.

At the top of our list was 1 ml sample colognes. Granted, these are the cheapest item on our website - but still, our customers purchased 911 of these in 2020! 

Next up was Mahogany bar soap. This was surprising to me just because I feel like Mahogany is such an underrated smell. 316 bars of this soap was purchased this year (and that's not including the soaps that were put in WSP bar soap six packs!) Mahogany is an amazing scent - you can check out more details about it here.

Coming in third place was the Tea Tree Shampoo Bar! Perfect for beards, hair, or even just a body wash - this shampoo bar will make you reconsider why you ever bought liquid shampoos to begin with. 

The top shave soap sold this year was Formula T Barbershop! We sold 158 of these units this year. Barbershop was one of WSP's first scents and it has remained a fan favorite. Classic and clean, you can't lose with this scent. The Formula-T shave soaps offer a lot of cushion and support for new shavers and keep your skin hydrated.

Next up we have Aftershave Splash in Tobacco. People always think Tobacco will smell like old cigarette smoke, but the Tobacco scent is a clean and earthy smell. The Tobacco splash formula is meant to tighten and tone skin.

Finally on our 2020 list, our Rustic Shave Soap in Blackbeard was the most sold rustic shave soap. We did do a limited edition launch of this soap at the beginning of 2020 but we carry the rustic formula year round. Notes of tobacco, cherry and vanilla round this scent out. If you haven't tried it yet - grab a sample cologne and test it out.

We want to say thank you once again to all of our customers and fans who have eased the burden of this crazy year for our small business. You chose to put your faith and hard earned money into us and by doing that, you helped our employees  put food on their own tables. We are looking forward to a new year filled with new projects and even more fun!

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