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I have officially been with WSP for 8 months and I have loved learning the wet shaving culture as well as meeting our customers and interacting with them on social media. I wanted to share with you guys some of my WSP go-to scents that have become a part of my everyday routine!

  • Mahogany: From the moment I started at WSP, I fell in love with Mahogany. Mahogany is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and woody. Mahogany reminds me of being wrapped up in a warm comfy blanket in front of the fireplace on a cold night. This scent simply brings me warmth. Mahogany is spicy and woody, yet VERY sexy. You can’t go wrong with Mahogany. 
  • Barbershop: Barbershop is a classic. I use Barbershop on any everyday occasion. This scent is clean, fresh, and simple. Barbershop is like black clothing; it goes with anything….like literally. 
  • Olympus: To me, Olympus is the essence of summer. Olympus embodies the crisp warm sun and the smell of freshly cut pineapple. This scent is smoky, woody, creamy, and fruity. Olympus is an all-in-one deal. 
  • Black Amber Vanilla: Black Amber Vanilla (bav) is one of those scents that is just automatically a favorite. Bav is sweet with a welcoming French vanilla scent. Bav is a classic and fine scent. 

Although Mahogany, Barbershop, Olympus, and Black Amber Vanilla tend to be my go-to scents from WSP, I try to use new scents every once in a while. Recently, I have found a new love for Bay Rum and I’ll use that scent for my shaves every now and then. As I continue on my journey here at WSP, I hope to discover new scents and try a variety of scents in different products. No matter what, I will never stop using Mahogany. 

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