Solid colognes vs. Regular colognes

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Recently, I’ve received the question “what’s the difference between solid colognes and spray colognes”, and the answer to that is, it depends on what you’re looking for and what situation you’ll be wearing it in. In this blog, I’ll be explaining the ingredients, benefits, how to apply, and the longevity of spay and solid colognes. 

What they’re made of:

Solid: only THREE simple ingredients. Jojoba oil, beeswax, and fragrance. These three ingredients make the application smooth and keep the fragrance locked in place for the day.

Spray: Only TWO simple ingredients. alcohol and fragrance. No, not the alcohol in your cocktails, but a perfumer’s alcohol that is made to hold the fragrance. Our fragrances are strong enough to last and linger all day long. 


Solid colognes are one of the more underrated products in men’s grooming. Here are the benefits of using solid colognes. 

  • The moisture created from the jojoba oil and beeswax helps lock in the fragrance which keeps an enduring scent throughout the day.
  • Solid colognes have GREAT Portability. Our Solid colognes are 1 fl oz which makes them great for traveling or taking them on the go. 
  • While you should still be careful with solid colognes, the benefit is, they're not as fragile. Solid colognes are made to be tough and resist breaking and they won’t spill or leak. As a clumsy human myself, solid colognes have shown more forgiveness after dropping one
  • They're cheaper! Solid colognes are half the price of spray cologne

Spray colognes are a true classic and tend to be most popular among fragrance lovers. Here are some benefits to sticking to the classics. 

  • Convenience! With just a simple spray, your favorite fragrance is quickly dispersed giving the full potential of the top notes in the fragrance 
  • With spray colognes, you can cover a greater area of your body quicker. 
  • At WSP, no overpowering teenage fragrance. Just manly fragrances that provide a lingering scent throughout the day. 

How to apply: 


  •  Use one or two fingers to get some of the product on your fingers and apply it to your neck, wrist, and pulse points which are the areas of your body that produce a lot of body heat. 
  •  Always start with a small amount and apply more if needed. A little goes a long way.


  • Apply right after you shower onto dry skin. After a shower, your body is clean of all other scents and your open pores allow your skin to absorb the fragrance. 
  • Spray on your pulse points
  • While I’m just as guilty, spraying a cloud of cologne and walking through it will only lead to most of it ending up everywhere except where you want it. Colognes should be applied directly to your body so they can mix with your natural oils. 
  • Don’t rub it in. Rubbing cologne in can cause the top notes to fade.

How to make colognes last longer: 

While solid and spray colognes have their differences, the same rules apply to both. 

  • When storing colognes, store them in a room-temperature room to maintain the top notes and essential oils in the fragrance. To prolong the fragrance, keep colognes out of the heat.
  • Keep colognes out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause solid colognes to melt and degrade the fragrance of both spray and solid colognes. 

Overall, which one is better?

In the end, neither one is better than the other. Solid colognes and spray colognes both have definite benefits and downfalls. While spray colognes are classic and come in a variety of scents, bottles, and styles, solid colognes are great for traveling and are cheaper. 

Whether you favor solid colognes or spray colognes, colognes, in general, are a great accessory to your day. At WSP, we offer a variety of scents, and solid colognes and spray colognes are both eligible for made-to-order which means you can get ANY scent we offer here at WSP.

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