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Here at WSP, we offer two different types of safety razors, open and closed comb. Each razor has its benefits, and it is vital to choose the right razor that works for you to get the best shave possible. So let's dive into some benefits, differences, and tips about open and closed comb razors!

Open Comb Razor: 

Opener comb razors are a little bit on the aggressive side. Open comb razors have individual teeth and a more exposed razor. However, These razors are perfect for individuals who shave occasionally, grow hair quickly, or grow extremely thick hair. Even though the razor is aggressive, this razor is direct. The razor allows hair to move freely as you shave and you’ll be able to get a closer shave. My biggest tip for open-closed razors is to be extra careful and go slow during your shave!

Closed Comb Razor:

Closed comb razors are some of the most common kinds of safety razors. These razors are less aggressive and provide extra protection for the shaver. Closed comb razors are designed with small grooves and a bar along the bottom of the razor, thus resembling a closed comb. These razors are perfect for daily shaving and are designed to smooth out any stubble and reduce the possibility of nicks or cuts. Although closed comb razors are less aggressive, they can take a few passes if you have thick hair. My biggest tip for using closed razors is, if you have sensitive skin, a closed comb razor is probably best because it is less aggressive on your skin. 


There are tons of blades that work great with both open and closed comb razors. Blades are usually pretty cheap and come in packs! My biggest tip is to try a variety of blades and see which one works best for you!

I encourage all shavers to try and test different razors and blades to figure out which one works best for you. At first, I didn’t know the difference between open and closed razors, and during my wet shaving journey, I learned that a closed comb razor works best for me. Keep practicing, keep learning, and enjoy the journey. Happy shaving. 


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