Open vs. Closed Comb Razors

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We recently started selling open AND closed comb safety razors! This is such a cool part of our inventory and of course there are benefits to each razor. It's important to get the right razor for you in order to get the best shave possible. So let's go over some safety razor basics:

Closed comb razors: These are the most common kinds of safety razors. There's a bar along the bottom of the razor, thus, closed comb. These are great for daily shaving because they can be a little less aggressive. The closed comb design can help smooth out the skin and any stubble so you get a smooth shave and reduce the possibility of any knicks or cuts and which also makes them great for sensitive skin. On the negative side, it can take a few passes if you've got stubborn or thick facial hair. 

Open comb razors: On the opposite side of the spectrum, open comb razors are perfect for people who shave more occasionally or who have facial hair that grows very fast. The open comb design allows hair to move more freely as you shave. These razors are more aggressive just because you don't have the bar to defer anything that could give you a scratch or knick. On the plus side, an open comb razor will be able to get you a closer shave, just be extra careful!

Weight: the weight of the razor can make a huge difference into how it fits with you. Some people love the weight and glide that a heavier razor can offer, but others like the flexibility and control that a lighter razor has. Overall, starting with one on the lighter end can be helpful to those who are adjusting from disposable razors, while a heavier razor might be easier for people coming from an electric razor background.

Handle length: Every razor has a different length of handle. Personally I like a long hand, but some likes the compact nature of a shorter handle. Also, the grip of a handle can be a make or break feature of a razor. It's always best if you can hold or test the razor before you use it.

Blades: There are TONS of blades that are compatible with both open and closed comb razors, and luckily, they usually run pretty cheap, so it's easy for you to try a bunch of different kinds and find your favorite one. I would recommend trying at least 3 or 4 types of blades before you decide on a favorite.

There's tons of things to consider if you want to transition to a safety razor. But the benefits of it totally outweigh any bumps in the road you may have while on your journey of wet shaving. Just keep practicing and take it slow! Happy shaving!



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