Introducing: HAIR PASTE!

Posted by Melanie on

We are bringing a brand-new hair product into our WSP regimen…HAIR PASTE! We have been perfecting this formula and design for months and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with all of you. As I’ve been posting/promoting this new launch, the question I have been getting the most is, ‘how does this product compare to the hair wax and hair clay?’

Hair paste is a low shine product. This will give you a very natural finish, like the hair clay. Right now, the more natural, effortless look is very ‘on-trend’ and the hair paste is made for people who want that style.

The hair paste is also a medium hold hair product. Like the hair wax, this product is for people who just need a little boost in getting all their hair to stay in one place. It will keep your hair in one place all day and won’t make it look too stiff or styled.

The main difference with hair paste is that this product is MUCH easier and faster to use. The creamy formula is soft and easy to apply. It will wash out easier than the wax and clay (which both have a strong wax base). This product is closer to the consistency of a pomade without the chemicals that are found in many drugstore products that can damage your hair.

Available in our ‘big three’ fragrances, Barbershop, Tobacco and Gaelic Tweed, I’m sure you all will love this new product as much as we do! Let me know via email or social media message if you have any questions or concerns, I can’t wait for you all to try this!

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