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Our team at WSP strives to make the best products for our customers that not only smell good, but are natural. Our hand and body soaps are handcrafted with ingredients that are meant to protect and moisturize your skin. Below is a list of ingredients we include in our hand and body soap that have some awesome benefits. 

    1. Shea Butter: Shea butter originates from the nuts of the karité tree that grows in Africa. These nuts are then boiled and their extracts are skimmed and cooled, which results in Shea butter. Shea butter contains both linoleic and oleic acid which soften and hydrates your skin without clogging your pores.
    2. Olive Oil: As mentioned in the name, olive oil is extracted from grinding olives. Olive oil contains vitamin D which is great for protecting and renewing your skin. 
    3. Castor Oil: Castor oil is made by extracting oil from a Ricinus communes plant. Applying castor oil to a wound or stretch mark creates a moist environment for the skin. 
    4. Coconut oil: Is made by pressing the meat of a coconut. Coconut oil can reduce irritated skin by relieving discomfort and providing relief.
    5. Fragrance: No overpowering teenage fragrance. Just real manly smells for you (and the people around you). 

It is our mission to help men look and feel great. It is our goal to handcraft  natural products that nurture and hydrate your skin. We offer our hand and body soaps a variety of scents you can choose from on our website!

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