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If you’re trying to pull your *look* together step one is to make sure your mustache is in order. Nobody likes a scraggly ‘stache…your partner doesn’t, you shouldn’t (think about all the food that gets stuck in there!) and the world doesn’t. There are tons of products to help your mustache stay in place and smell great, but which one is right for you and how do you apply it effectively?? You’ve come to the right place my friend.

Choosing your Wax:

Different companies will have different formulas and scents for their wax…so try and pick up some samples if you can to see what you like best. The texture of your hair as well as the weather conditions of where you live and what style of ‘stache you’re trying to achieve will determine what hold you need.

Here at WSP, we’ve got a regular hold and a Hercules hold for mustache waxes.

Regular hold: This is going to work for 75% of mustaches. The beeswax in this formula helps to keep the hold and the variety of natural oils will help to keep the hairs moisturized and your skin nourished. If you’ve got a mustache that doesn’t require much maintenance or you live in a dry place, this hold will be perfect for you.

Hercules hold: This stuff is for the dedicated. If you’re trying to achieve a handlebar look, if you’ve got curly, thick or stiff hair or if you live in a humid place where it takes an army to get your hair to stay in place all day, this stuff is for you. It’s got more beeswax in it, so it’s a lot tackier than the regular hold and it will take some more time for you to work it into your mustache, but once you achieve your look…it will stay locked in place all day.

How to Apply:

BE PATIENT with yourself and with the wax. If you apply mustache wax without properly getting it worked up to the right point, it’s going to be a mess and not effective.

Use the back of your nail to scoop a pea-sized (or less depending on the length and look that you want) amount of product out of the tin.

Use your FINGERTIPS…not your palms…to rub the wax and get it melted down. It is ready to apply when the consistency is creamy…almost like a pomade. I can’t stress enough that attaining the proper consistency is key in effectively using this product. There’s a decent amount of beeswax in our formula so it’s going to take at least 30 seconds to get it fully melted.

Apply the product but gently massaging it into your mustache. You don’t need very much so start with a little bit and apply more if necessary.

Mustache wax is a great and easy way to elevate your look and help you feel more confident. If you have any questions about this product or the scents we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or leave a comment below.


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