Summer Essentials

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Things are heating up here in Arizona, which means it may be time for you to update your grooming kit. With every season, your body’s needs change, and especially with drastic heat we see in AZ, here’s a few things that I think are essential for summer.

Mentholated ANYTHING: The cooling sensation of mentholated products can be very helpful in warm temperatures! After a cool shower, apply some mentholated aftershave or aftershave balm to get an immediate refresh for the day. Stay tuned this JULY where we will be introducing a mentholated line to our summer collection!

Solid Cologne: With the heat, some scents can smell especially good. I recommend anything with citrus or vetiver, summer seems to really help these scents pop. Solid colognes are great for on the go and are an ideal way to give yourself a little extra ‘oomph’ for long days in the office.

Bar Soap: We all know summer can bring out our sweatiest selves. IT’S NATURAL!!! For the love of everything, don’t forget to apply deodorant (y’all already know this but here’s your yearly reminder) but also, invest in some good bar soaps to help you feel fresh. Since you will definitely be hitting the showers more, don’t dry out your skin with soaps filled with chemicals and artificial scents.

Beard oil: For all of you bearded fellows, summer can be a make or break time for your facial hair. Dry, hot air can be especially damaging to delicate facial hair. It’s important for you to drink TONS of water to keep your skin and hair as strong as possible, but beard oils can help keep everything moisturized and keep your skin healthy.

What are things you've found essential for hotter summer months? Tell me in the comments!


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