How to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

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We all know we live in WILD times right now. Every day brings new challenges and risks that we never would have imagined we would be facing six months ago. With all this being said, we hope you are taking the necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones protected.

As a small business, we depend on all of you to help us stay strong. Because we are a small but mighty team, we don’t face many of the other issues large corporations are dealing with right now. But, we do have our own unique challenges that come with these circumstances. I’ve gotten countless messages and emails asking how to support small businesses, specifically WSP. It’s such a humbling experience to see all of you rally behind us as we push through our challenges right now.

I’ve compiled a list of ways you can help us and other small businesses in your area…even the smallest things make a huge difference!

  1. SHARE: We love when people share our content with their friends and family. When you tag people in our posts, re-post our videos/blogs, and just use word of mouth to tell people about us, we get more visitors on our website and more fans to share our products with.
  2. POST PICTURES AND TAG US: One thing that always lifts our spirits is seeing our products in your hands! Send us your Shave of the Days, beard care routine, lather shots, Shave Den set-up, EVERYTHING! We love to see all of our hard work paying off.
  3. LEAVE A REVIEW: Leave us an uplifting review on Facebook or Google! Building a reliable brand depends on positive customer feedback, and we love to read your reviews on our social media channels.
  4. ORDER: This one is probably obvious but putting your trust in us and continuing to place orders through us is essential to our business! Even just one bar of soap can make a difference for us. If you need any help picking out products, feel free to talk to Mel on any social media platform or via email!

We appreciate you all more than you could ever know. Thank you for your continued faith in us and that you for being so willing to help us through these difficult times. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns.


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