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Beards are trendy right now. Whether it be one inch long or one foot long, beards are slowly making a reappearance back into mainstream culture. But it didn’t use to be this way. reports that in 1689, Peter the Great made a ‘beard tax.’ He charged as much as 100 rubles in exchange for a medallion saying the person could keep his beard. He did this after traveling to Europe and wanting to transition Russia into more of a western culture. Can you imagine having to PAY in order to keep your BEARD?? Peter the Great’s plan worked, and many people abandoned their facial hair in order to save money.

According to, on average, a man’s beard will grow over five inches per year and there are around 30,000 whiskers encompassing a man’s face. That’s a lot of hair to maintain. A popular trend today is the ‘yeard.’ This popular movement calls for the individual to not groom, sculpt, or trim the facial hair for an entire year. The results usually produce a scraggly beard that is VERY long. The yeard provides a low maintenance way for anybody to grow facial hair, however, it can sometimes cause irritation and the lack of grooming could cause the hair to stop growing.

With that being said, there are many products today that will provide you with a sculpted beard while not adding much time onto your morning routine.

Beard Oil: Beard oil is perfect for people who are constantly itching their face/facial hair. Beard can cause your skin to dry out, which causes DANDRUFF. Nobody likes dandruff. Beard oil will moisturize your hair AND skin, which allows irritation to decrease. If you have a patchy beard, some beard oils can also help to stimulate hair growth. Although sometimes beard growth is based on genetics, other times patchy beards are caused because of the quality of skin underneath. If hair is struggling to grow, it could mean the skin has a minor infection and the hair follicles can’t push through. A beard oil could help to clear the skin and bring some thickness into your hair. Beard oil goes a long way. For an average length beard, you will only need around 2-4 drops of oil.

Beard Balm: Besides providing more moisture to the beard, a balm is essential if you want to sculpt a masterpiece. (haha). Beard balm is made to hold facial hair in place. Frizzy hair or flyways will be no longer if you invest in a strong beard balm. Basically, beard balm will take your beard from looking tangled to looking like groomed perfection. Beard balm can also keep your beard smelling good. Because you will undoubtedly be eating and touching your beard, it is common for beards to smell dirty. Besides washing your beard regularly, a balm is a good way to add some fragrance into your beard.

Overall, you should invest in beard products if you have the desire to grow a beard or you already have a beard. They keep you looking fresh and effortless. They last for a long time and give you more of a professional and groomed look.





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