Holiday Gift List!

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It’s already November? Wow, this year has gone by fast, and it’s almost gift-giving season! Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle, especially during the crazy season of decorating, traveling, and of course holiday activities. I put together my top 5 gift ideas for the awesome gentlemen in your life. Let's dive right into Remaliah’s holiday gift list!

  1. Fragrance/Shaving Kits: Our shaving kit comes with soap, brush, and razor, and our fragrance kits come with an aftershave, soap, brush, and pre-shave oil. For our shaving kits, you have the choice between the Best Badger brush or the Silvertip brush. We also offer two types of razors, an open comb, and a closed comb. And of course, you have the choice of a scent. You choose what you want in your kit, and we will take care of the rest! 

  1. Beard oil/beard balm: Beard oil and beard balm are great gifts for the bearded uncle, cousin, dad, friend, and honestly any bearded fellow! These beard products will help the skin stay healthy and keep the beard hair soft. I can’t forget, these products come in tons of different scents! We have our standard scents, or you can choose from over 20 different scents to get made to order. 

  1. Solid Colognes/Colognes: Colognes can be pricey, however, they are such a classy gift that will make the gift receiver feel special. Solid colognes are small and convenient, which are perfect for travelers. We have Tobacco Vanilla which is our most popular scent, or you can get any cologne or solid cologne made to order in any scent of your choice.

  1. Bar soap: Our bar soaps will definitely show up in my family’s gifts this year! We have six different scents to choose from in our hand and body soaps, three different shampoo bars, and one lavender and tea tree oil face soap. You can get soaps singly or in a bundle of three or six! Bar soaps may seem like a boring Christmas gift, but our natural bar soaps will help the gift receiver feel fresh and smell amazing!

  1. Hand balm and Chapstick: As the weather gets colder, hand balm and Chapstick have become everyday essentials for me and I plan on gifting these goodies this upcoming season. Hand Balm and Chapstick are perfect stocking stuffers or the perfect gift for any coworker or friend!

Those are my gift ideas this year! Give any of these or a combination of these, and you are going to have a very happy guy on your hands. Happy gift-giving season!

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