3 Tips to Grow a Better Beard

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When you were a teenager, you probably dreamt of the day that you would be able to wake up in the morning with a lengthy, full beard. Whether you already have a beard or you are just beginning your beard journey, here are a few tips to bring your beard to the next level.

  1. Wash it: This may seem like an obvious tip but investing in a shampoo/conditioner that is specific to beards is essential if you want to grow it. Food, dead skin, and dirt can easily clog pores on your face and restrict hair growth. By washing your beard on a regular basis (every day or every other day depending on the length of your beard) you get rid of the slime and grime of the day and promote new hair to grow! 
  2. Moisturize it: Investing in a beard oil is key when trying to grow a beard. If your hair is dry and brittle, it is more common for ends to break off. Your skin will also be itchy which will make hair fall out. Beard oil has a lot of different benefits, including giving you a soft and shiny beard. Although beard oil will help you grow your beard, it will also help give your beard a more finished look. Simply apply beard oil after a shower or when your pores are open. It will only take a few drops to give you shine and moisture that will last the whole day!
  3. Trim it: This may seem counter-intuitive. I mean, why would you want to trim your beard if you are trying to grow it!? But the truth is, facial hair is similar to regular hair on your head. You will develop split ends which can cause hair to fall out. Also, some of your hairs will grow at a faster rate than others which can give you a jagged and uneven beard. There are dozens of videos on YouTube to help you with any beard trimming questions you may have...but giving your beard a little trim every once in a while, will give you a polished look and promote more growth.

Following these three tips can help you grow the beard of your dreams. Remember, facial hair is highly dependent on things you can’t control (ie genes) so even if you follow all of these tips and the thousands of other recommendations on Google, you may not be able to grow a beard. But if you just need a boost on your beard game, following these steps will give you the upgrade you need!

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