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Packing for a trip can be such a chore. You can create lists on lists on lists but you know that, in the end, you will forget something and have to scramble to the nearest convenience store to pick up something that is essential. And then, if you are flying, you have another set of problems with checking bags, making sure things don’t spill…it gives me anxiety just thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. So, I compiled a few essentials and travel tips from some of our WSP fans and also from my own travel experience. Download the image at the end to have your very own WSP approved travel checklist!

 Pick a bag

Choosing an appropriate bag or case for your grooming essentials can make or break your packing experience. If you choose something too small, your items could get crushed, causing them to break. On the other hand, choosing a bag that is too big can be bulky and take up space. For men’s travel kits, try searching ‘dopp kits’ on Etsy. The options that come up are usually high quality and you even have options to personalize some of them.

 Smaller is Better

Do you really need that full-size tube of toothpaste for a two-day trip?? I like to raid the travel section at Target or Walmart to pick up smaller versions of items that I need. (Toothpaste, deodorant, wipes, cleansers, etc.…) This way the items take up less space and if there is a spill, it is less of a mess. Or, invest in some travel containers that are TSA approved and transfer your shampoos/toothpaste/liquid soaps into there. If you travel a lot, these smaller containers may be more beneficial to you so that you don’t have to keep buying travel sizes. These are some that I have enjoyed! Click here to see some of my favorite travel bottles!


When you travel, you are going to have to part with your shelves on shelves of shaving accessories. Shaving soaps and aftershaves and brushes and razor can take up a lot of space, so think about taking a smaller portion of soap for your trip. I would also recommend bringing a cheaper brush so that if anything happens to it, you won’t be devastated. Choose a shaving soap that will match for multiple occasions. You don’t want anything too powerful but choose a scent that you like and that you won’t get tired of.

 Solids over Liquids

If you have the option to take a solid item vs. a liquid…CHOOSE THE SOLID!! You never know what spills may happen and it’s a nightmare to have to deal once you are at a hotel or rental home. For colognes, you may want to pick up one of our solid colognes that are TSA approved and can easily slip into any bag. We also have a shampoo bar, face soap bar, and many body soap bars that provide a cleaner alternative to liquid soaps. Even if you have spill-proof containers, it is better to just choose a solid in order to stay on the safe side.

My top travel tip is to stay flexible! Depending on the length of your trip and where you are going, you may need different things. When you think you are done packing, look in your bathroom and go through your everyday routine, checking to make sure you have every single one of the items that you need. Also, make or find a list in order to stay organized. Below, I have compiled a WSP approved toiletries list for traveling. Some of these items you may not need for every trip, but better safe than sorry! What are some of your travel hacks? Let me know in the comment section below!


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