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Today I wanted to take a minute and talk about our hand balm and if I think it is worth buying. When I first started working at WSP, Lee gave me some hand balm and told me to try it out. I was super skeptical because I have tons of lotion and I thought that a hand balm would be no different from a regular body lotion. In this blog, I am going to talk about why I think our hand balm sets itself apart and if I think it is worth the cost. I also wanted to do a mini spotlight on our lip balm because I think it ties in perfectly with our hand balm and it is great for the cold weather.

Our hand balm is made with 12 ingredients and can be made in any fragrance you like. I have the unscented version which I prefer because it won’t clash with any of my soaps or perfumes. I didn’t realize that hand balm is a LOT thicker than normal body lotion. Because of this, a little bit goes a long way and the moisturizing properties are very intense.

I put on my hand balm every night before I go to bed and whenever my hands feel like they need a boost of moisture throughout the day. Because I work at a computer all day, I like to keep one near my desk. I also like to put one in my car for when I have to drive long distances.

One thing I really like about our hand balm is that it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy or shiny. I only need a dime sized amount in order to moisturize both of my hands. I have had the same hand balm since September and I am only about 75% done with it.

Our hand balm is $12, which I think is a great price for the amount that you get and for the length of time that it will last. It has really helped my hands feel good and keep them able to work for long hours.

Now on to our Chapstick. At first, I HATED our Chapstick. It comes in one peppermint fragrance and at first, when I used it, I thought it was clumpy and not effective. Even though I didn’t like the consistency, I really liked the peppermint sensation, so I thought I would continue using it. After a few uses, the consistency got better and now it is the only Chapstick that I use. If you are skeptical about our Chapstick and it initially doesn’t speak to you, I would say to give it a few uses before you throw in the towel.

During these cold winter months, your skin and lips dry out fast. This year make it a goal to invest in yourself and try products that will help you feel great. Check out these products and more at

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