The Benefits of Using a Pre-Shave Oil

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Is pre-shave oil actually necessary or is it just a product that people say is ESSENTIAL but it doesn’t actually do anything. There are many benefits to adding a pre-shave oil to your morning routine.

Reduce the Risk of Ingrown Hair

            Nobody likes an ingrown hair. They can be painful, get infected, and just cause irritation. Especially if there’s an ingrown hair on your face or neck area…. not cool. Many men think that ingrown hairs are just “part of life” and that they happen to everyone. While most men will experience an ingrown hair at one point or another, they are easily preventable! A pre-shave oil softens whiskers and preps the skin for a close shave.

 Eliminates Razor Burn

            Just hearing the words razor burn makes me cringe. There are many reasons why razor burn occurs. Shaving too quickly, using an old razor, shaving a single area too often, dry-shaving, or using products that irritate your skin can all easily cause razor burn. Razor burn can be anything from a hot or burning sensation and tenderness to small red bumps.

            A pre-shave oil forms a protective layer around the skin so that razor burn doesn’t happen. It also moisturizes the skin, so the razor easily glides without irritation. By locking moisture close to the skin and softening hair, pre-shave oil provides an almost guarantee that razor burn will no longer be a problem you face.

 Prevents Nicks and Cuts

            There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing up somewhere with a gash on your face and when asked what caused it you have to sheepishly say… “shaving.” Luckily, a good pre-shave oil is the key to minimizing painful cuts. Pre-shave oil is just that...oily. Therefore, it helps to create a sleek surface for the razor to glide over. Instead of fighting with your facial hair, invest in a good shave-oil and work with it.

 So, the benefits of a pre-shave oil are numerous. Of course, if you had to choose between a shaving cream or soap and a pre-shave oil, I’d go with the soap. However, a pre-shave oil can provide you with an easier shaving experience and also give you a little more pep in your step in the morning. There’s nothing like treating your face to an out-of-the-ordinary product. Give a pre-shave oil a try and let us know what you think!

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