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Skin issues can be annoying, and I think I’m qualified to say that. I have had acne issues since I was 12-years-old and I am allergic to many fragrances and ingredients that are found in grooming products. That’s why I love WSP. Our products are made with natural ingredients and we have something to fit anybody’s needs. One question we get asked a lot is, what products would be good for sensitive skin. While we do have some amazing products that are made to fit many different skin types, it is important to remember that everyone is different. You should always patch test a product on your wrist before you apply it on or near your face.

  • Always start Unscented: I know, I know, it’s boring. But, testing out an unscented version of a product is a sure way to tell if you are allergic to the formula of a product or just a specific fragrance. We have an unscented shave soap, bar soap, hand balm, aftershave, pre-shave oil, beard products, and even mustache products. Unscented products will be the gentlest on your skin.
  • Face soap: Our charcoal, tea tree, and lavender face soap is a gentle cleanser that leaves you feeling soothed. While the charcoal acts as an exfoliant, the lavender cools everything down and relaxes your skin. I would say this is a great product to test out! We do have sample sizes of it, or the regular bar is just under $8.
  • Samples are key: If you have established that you aren’t allergic to the actual formula of our products, you can start trying out our scented products to find your perfect fit. I recommend starting with our Barbershop and Tobacco fragrances. They are a little bit on the lighter side but still deliver great results. Mahogany and Black Amber Vanilla are two fragrances that people have allergies to more often than other fragrances.
  • Gentle products: Choosing gentle products and products that are good to begin with will help your skin. Even though it might be pricier, you might want to invest in a shave oil. It will help you get a better and smoother shave. Also, stay away from alcohol-based products (aftershave splashes.) These products are meant to tone and tighten your skin, and while if might be nice to have that tingly sensation, it’s not practical for someone with sensitive skin.

Even though having skin allergies can be annoying, they’re no excuse for you to feel anything less than your best.  Workaround your allergies by starting with simple formulas and fragrances and testing to see what works for you. You may also want to visit a dermatologist or get an allergy test to see exactly what you are allergic to. What tips have you found work for sensitive skin? Let us know below!

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