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Recently, we changed the labels on our shaving cream products. The new labels are slick and classy. However, with this new label change, many people have been concerned that we also changed our classic shaving cream formula. Luckily for all of you, the formula for our shaving cream has stayed the same.

Some people like to shave without any shaving cream or soap. (Personally, I think this is the more painful way, but some don’t mind.) Shaving cream is an easy and cheap investment that can improve the quality of your skin.

Moisturizer: More likely than not, shaving cream will moisturize your skin as well as prepare it for shaving. When you shave, some of the moisture in your skin is lost. Products such as an alcohol-based aftershave will tighten your skin and might dry it out a little bit. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized so that it doesn’t get itchy or irritated.

Fragrance: Who doesn’t like smelling good? Whether it’s another day at the office or a date night out, shaving cream can help you smelling fresh as well as looking great.

Ease: Shaving cream can be used with OR without a brush. Unlike the shave soaps, which are hard and require a brush, shaving cream is softer and can be easily scooped out with your hand. Just use a little water and it should easily lather in your hands.

Even though we’ve got a new look to our shaving creams, we still have our classic, reliable formula. Shaving cream is a great investment for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to get shave-ready. We have four fragrances (Barbershop, Tobacco, Gaelic Tweed and *not pictured Black Amber Vanilla) and all of them produce fabulous results. They will last for about 120 shaves and are priced at $25 a unit. Make sure to check out for more information about our shaving cream!

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