How Many Shaves Do You Really Get Per Can of Shaving Gel?

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How much will you save by switching to brush & soap? First we need to know how many shaves you actually get per can of shaving cream.

Edge says that you should get 40-60 shaves per can of their 7 oz shaving cream. Well, I put that claim to the test.

First, the methodology. The plan is pretty simple really. It's to 1) measure out how much gel is required per pass, 2) measure how much total gel is in that can, and 3) calculate the number of lathers a 7oz can will deliver.

How Much Shave Cream is Used Per Shave?

4.2 grams. That's probably the upper limit as to what a typical person would squeeze out of the can for one lather. So, for purposes of this calculation, we can therefore assume 3-4 grams of product is used per pass. Enough lather to cover your beard.

But realistically, unless you're really steady on the "trigger finger," you aren't going to be using only 3 grams. Also, 3 grams is a pretty light layering of shave cream. So, most people are probably closer to the 4 grams than 3 grams, and each squirt of the can will vary.

How Much Shave Cream is in Each Can?

This part was easy. And yes, it was wasteful. But now you don't have to repeat it to find out.

The answer is: about 7 ounces by weight (202 grams). A little more than what's advertised on the can.

The Math

So, we then divide 202 by 3 = 67, and 202 by 4 = 50.

And, therefore... You can expect to get 50 to 67 lathers out of one can of edge shaving gel. But wait! That's lathers, not shaves.

If you do two passes, cut that number in half to 25 or 34 shaves. And if you do 3 passes, you can only expect 16 to 22 shaves per can.


You're really only getting less than one month's worth of shaving cream per can if you shave every day.

Compare to our Rustic Shave Soap which will net you at the very least 4 months of 3 pass shaves or 130 lathers. And up to 6 months or 190 lathers. Sure, it's not as huge a savings as double edge blades, but the quality of the lather is leagues ahead of anything a can. And you're still saving money!

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