5 Common Questions About Shaving Soap

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1.  Should I rinse it out after using it?

It is not necessary to rinse out your soap after using it, but if you do, make sure you dry it out before putting the lid back on.

Keep in mind that the longer the soap is exposed to air, the more fragrance is evaporated away, so I recommend wiping out the excess lather from the container rather than rinsing it off.

2. Does it need to dry before I lid it?

Only if you rinse out the lather from the container. Contrary to popular belief, bacteria and mold can grow in watery soap! That is why a preservative is always found in shaving cream. Removing excess moisture will prevent nasties from growing on your soap.

So, why doesn’t bacteria grow on a bar of soap? Bar soap and most shaving soaps do not retain enough moisture to be able to grow bacteria. And if your bar soap gets all slimy, you just wash it down the drain. And then invest in a soap dish which will keep it dry.

3. Do they have a shelf life?

Yes, but the shelf life is usually measured in years. Unless an extremely volatile oil, such as rosehip, is used as a superfat. In which case, the soap can go rancid within months. Triple milled soaps can have a near indefinite shelf life. But all soaps will lose scent over time, so it’s a good idea to use up that soap! You can always use it as bath soap to use it up faster.

WSP soaps are formulated to be good for at least 2 years.

4. Do they need to be bloomed?

Blooming has two purposes: to release the fragrance with gentle heat (similar to an oil warmer); and to make it easier to load the soap. You bloom a soap by letting hot water sit on the top of a soap puck for a few minutes.

Whatever the reason, soaps don’t *need* to be bloomed. And unless it is a hard triple milled puck, it doesn’t make it any easier to lather. But blooming it for scent does help fill the room.

5. Why do you fill the soap to the brim?

A couple of reasons. One is to give you maximum value for your money. You're already paying for the container and the labor to fill it. Why not fill it all the way?

Okay, I do realize that some people want the head space and quite a few people ask why I don’t use a larger container and leave more headspace. Well, the reason is that it’s not feasible to do so given the existing formulas.

My shaving soap formula is not pourable. It has to be scooped into the container. It is the consistency of a barely mashed potato. Therefore, we scoop it into the container and level the top.
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