Different Products for Different Seasons

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Should your products change with the seasons? As we make a transition from winter into spring, some products may work better with the skin depending on the weather. While a favorite scent may stay the same, some products may/should change with the seasons. Here are a few key products that are essential heading into spring. 

  1. Moisturizer: The winter can bring dryness and stiffness to your skin which is why it’s important to lock in the moisture with a moisturizer. The spring season brings more sun exposure, humidity, and honestly…sweat. Therefore, don’t ditch the moisturizer, instead modify the use of moisturizer. While your skin naturally produces moisture during the warmer seasons, it’s still important to use a lighter moisturizer, because sweat and the sun can suck the moisture out of your skin. 
  1. SPF: From winter into spring, SPF has become one of my everyday essentials. During the spring the use of a good sunscreen can help protect your skin from UV rays.
  1. Exfoliate: Out with the old, in the new can apply to the skin too? 100%! During colder seasons, skin can get dry and dull. Exfoliating helps break down dead skin and get the unwanted dirt. Bristles on shaving brushes are great exfoliators for the skin, especially when you use warm water to open the pores. 
  1. Mentholated Products: Get a mentholated sensation after a cool shower to feel refreshed for the day. I personally love mentholated products due to the cooling effect during warmer days.
  2. Bar Soap:  Invest in some good bar soaps to help you feel fresh. Don’t dry out your skin with soaps filled with chemicals and artificial scents, use an all-natural soap to provide that fresh sensation after a shower. 
  1. Beard Oil: Warmer weather can be damaging to delicate facial hair. Beard oils can help keep everything moisturized and keep your skin where the beard grows healthy
  1. Spring Cleaning: Don’t carry winter buildup into spring. It is crucial to wash all of your shaving essentials to prevent product buildup. Especially because shaving tools are being applied to the face, it’s important to use clean tools.  

Skin demands different products as the seasons change. Everyone’s skin is different and requires more/or less products. Find out which products work for you in the spring season!


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