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“A good lather is half the shave” (William Hone). While the lather is important, the tool used to build the lather is just as important. It’s hard to say where and when wet shaving history began and what people used it in the 1700s, but it is safe to say that wet shaving is a timeless tradition. While wet shaving consists of using a variety of razors, brushes, soaps, creams, etc… today we will focus on shaving brushes. There are a variety of different brushes and different types of knots and handles. The possibilities are endless. This blog will explain the purpose of brushes and the different types of brushes/knots. 


 The main purpose of a shaving brush is to load the shaving cream or soap onto your face, but there are also some benefits to using a brush. Using a brush for lathering will generate thickness and a rich moisture, which makes the process of shaving simpler. Because most brushes are made with animal hair, it helps scrub and exfoliate your skin. Usually, if people use warm water on their brushes, the brush will help open up the pores and get the skin ready for the blade. Shaving brushes simply serve the purpose of building a rich luxurious lather, exfoliating your skin, and opening your pores. 

The different types of brushes/knots: 

There are a plethora of brushes, knots, handles, and styles. Shaving knots can be made of badger, horse, boar hair, and synthetic hair. This blog will dive into some of the most known and popular badger hair shaving knots. 

Badger hair is soft and durable! Badger's hair builds a great lather, can be used as an exfoliator for the skin, and absorbs water very well. Badger brushes are available in pure, best, super, or silvertip brush types.  

Pure: Pure badger hair knots are the least expensive and are great for entry-level shavers. The major benefit of the pure badger knot is its ability to exfoliate. 

Best: The best badger is the best value. Best badger knots tend to be finer and have a softer face feel than a pure badger. The benefit of the best badger brush is the hair absorbs water more effectively compared to pure hair, which can help build a richer lather quicker 

Superfine: Super badger hair has a finer type of hair and has soft tips. Superfine knots are one of the highest grades of brushes and have known benefits of their water holding capacity which offers fantastic performance when lathering. 

Silvertip: Silvertip knots are luxuriously soft. Silvertips are the gold standard of brushes due to their gentle hair that is as soft as a feather. The major benefit of Silvertips is its extraordinary soft tips. 

Navigating the world of shaving brushes can be quite complicated considering there are so many different types of brushes. Defining the best brush is subjective to the quality of hair, and feel you want for your shave. The more you pay for a shave brush, the higher quality it will be and the longer it will last.

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