Product Overview

Shaving Soap

We’re best known for our shaving soaps. While still solid, they’re more of a softer soap and can be scooped out. We make a vegan formula and a tallow based formula.

Shaving Cream

We’re pleased to add shaving cream to our lineup as of 2017. Scoop-able & spreadable, it’s a true cream. 

Bar Soap

We make three types of all olive oil based bar soap – regular hand & body soap; shampoo; and charcoal infused face soap. Our shampoo bar will also get you clean, so it will work as an all purpose bar.

Aftershave Splash/Tonic

While most aftershaves are just a weak cologne, ours are made with soothing botanicals & emollients. They’re also stronger than most eau de colognes.

Aftershave Balm

A lightweight face lotion. Featuring a slight cooling sensation and healing allantoin; it moisturizes & soothes shaved skin. It also smells great.

Shave Oil

It helps to reduce irritation, nicks & cuts, ingrown, and dry skin.

Hair Wax/Clay

An all natural pomade featuring medium shine, medium hold; also available in a high hold, low shine clay. It also serves as a leave in conditioner.

Beard Oil

It’s like a concentrated conditioner for beards that smells fantastic & manly. Stops beard itch, beard dandruff, & helps tame fly aways.

Beard Balm

It has a light hold, medium shine. It styles & conditions the beard.

Hand Balm

Our hand balm is a hard hitting moisturizer for hard working hands. Stops dryness immediately & helps cracked knuckles heal.

Lip Balm

All natural protection from the elements with a refreshing peppermint taste.

EdP Colognes

Featured in a gorgeous spray bottle and in a generous 100 ml package, our colognes are EdP strength which means they’re super concentrated and last all day.

Signature Scents

These signature scents are unique creations by Lee. They represent WSP's first foray into the world of fine fragrance. With no holds barred, we used the best ingredients. With no cost limits, I was able to use the rarest & most expensive essential oils and absolutes such as Haitian vetiver, black pepper, sandalwood, oud, and tobacco absolute.

Solid Colognes

These colognes use a wax based carrier system instead of the liquid alcohol based system. The wax makes for a shatter proof & TSA friendly option. It also evaporates the fragrance less quickly, so it’ll last longer. I liken it to a slow burn instead of a flash in the pan.

Face Lotion

My non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores. It’s lightweight so your face won’t feel greasy after applying it. A little goes a long way, so it’ll last forever, making this a great value to boot!

Mustache Wax

Our all natural formula will keep your 'stache looking and feeling great. Made with beeswax and natural oils & butters, it's non greasy & non crunchy.

Razors – DE & Gold Dollar Straight Razors

We offer starter level razors. Our El Grande safety razor features the same mild and smooth head found on Edwin Jagger and Muhle models. The Gold Dollar is the only inexpensive straight razor on the market that actually works once sharpened.

Shave Brushes

Made of 100% pure badger hair we offer the finest shaving brushes you can buy. Backed by a 1 year warranty, you can be sure you’re buying quality with WSP.

Shaving Kits

Bundle & Save. We offer bundled shaving kits.

Fragrance Sets

We offer bundled sets of our fragrance collections.


Gift boxes and gift cards for gifting.