What She Says ... Advice for a Stellar V-Day

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This month is February. And that means V-Day. It's a week away. Yup. That one day of the year all about her. Mess it up and we're in the dog house. But get it right ...  And to that end, I asked Christina to write some advice from a woman's perspective ... -Lee

It's Christina and I am here with a few Valentine's Day tips for those of you who may need a little reminding of how this should go. Valentine's day is so easy, yet so many guys screw it up. I am here to help make sure that doesn't happen to you. I know what you are already thinking. Why the hell should I listen to you? My woman said she doesn't want a gift. Dude-that is code for, "You know that pair of shoes I showed you that I thought were cute? I like them. You should get them for me."  Here is my best Valentine's Day advice ...                                        

  1. Make a reservation. Don't be the guy that just shows up to a restaurant with your gal the night of Valentine's Day without a reservation. Because you will have a four hour wait. Make a reservation...like right now. 

  2. Hire a babysitter. If you have kids, no they are not coming to dinner with you. Call Grandma to come babysit or ask your neighbor or a friend for a trusted babysitter recommendation.

  3. Buy a gift. Not just any gift, a GREAT gift. This doesn't mean spend a lot. It means be thoughtful. Lingerie is not thoughtful. Trust me.

  4. Be present. Put your damn phone away. Record the game. Open the door for her, hold her hand. Kiss her cheek, tell her you love her. Tell her she's beautiful. At dinner talk about anything other than work or the kids.

  5. Dress to impress. It's Valentine's Day. Be like JT and put on a Suit and Tie. Be well groomed. You want bonus points? Smell good too. Has she ever dropped a little hint and told you when you wear Gaelic Tweed that it smells good? Wear it.      

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