What's New This Spring Season

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This Spring, we have been working on some projects to revamp some products, redesign some packaging, and bring NEW scents to WSP. Below is a list of items and products that are new!

  1. New Formula: over the past month, we have tweaked our recipe and method to enhance the rich and creamy formula of our shaving cream. It just gets creamier. The new formula makes it easier to just scoop and go! Shaving creams are available in our standard scents (Barbershop, Gaelic Tweed, and Tobacco), plus, you can get shaving creams made to order, which means you can get shaving creams in ANY scent. 

  1. New Scent: Lime is WSP’s new scent this Spring! Lime is invigoratingly vibrant and captures the true essence of the explicit juicy, sharp, and intense aroma of a lime. Stay tuned for some new scents coming this year! 

  1. New Packaging: All of our limited-edition scents have been in plastic containers this year, and we are in the process of switching all of our shaving soaps into plastic containers. We decided to switch to plastic for three main reasons: 1) Tins tend to rust over time 2) tins are easy to dent and sometimes hard to open 3) the plastic jars have a tight seal which keeps the smell in and everything else out. 

  1. New Design: We are in the process of upgrading some of the packaging for some of our products. Stay tuned for some new designs. 

This year, the team has decided to add new scents as well as revamp some of our existing products. Stay tuned for some exciting changes and scents. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest changes.

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