What to get your guy for Valentine's Day

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Ah Valentine's Day...the day of love. If you're a lady, you can expect to receive flowers, chocolates, maybe a night out. But if you're shopping for a guy, that's where the tricky part comes in. 

Luckily we are here to help you! We offer lots of different gifts at any price point you may need! I have given these gifts time and time again and they're always a hit. 

Gifts $10 and under:

  • Bar soap: Tell your significant other how much you care about their health and wellness by gifting them luxury bar soap, available in a variety of scents! (Black Amber Vanilla and Mahogany are my personal favorites!
  • Hand Balm: During the cold months, hands can get chapped and cracked. Give the gift of soft hands (it's a win-wind for both parties!) with WSP's creamy hand balms. You can get these made to order in any signature scent WSP has to offer!

Gifts $30 and under:

  • Aftershave: The perfect way to finish off any shave, WSP aftershave splash comes in a beautiful bottle and is available in all of our scents. It'll give your lover a blast of confidence when he finishes off his shave with a dabble of WSP aftershave.
  • Beard Oil: For the bearded fellow in your life, pick up a bottle of our nourishing beard oil! It's great for keeping beards shiny and smelling great. 

Gifts $50 and under:

  • Solid Cologne: The perfect addition to any bathroom, briefcase or travel bag, solid colognes pack a serious punch. Although they won't last as long as a spray cologne, you can't beat the $39.99 price tag!
  • Fragrance Set: Okay so this one is actually $60.99, BUT if your lover is already a wet shaver and needs to boost his shave game, grab one of our fragrance sets! Each set comes with a pre-shave oil, shave soap and aftershave...so you get a complete shave!

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