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Today I wanted to categorize our most popular scents into which occasion they work best for! While one scent may be great for the office, another scent may be perfect for a date night. These categorizations are all based on my own opinions and everyone's nose works differently so scents can smell different to everyone. Do what works best for you, but here are some suggestions below!

Everyday scents and office scents: 

Tobacco - This is a “green” tobacco scent. It’s a fresh & clean smell. It’s modern & upbeat. It’s mature & professional. Tobacco is a masterful blend of earthy spices that is perfect for an everyday event. 

Barbershop - you can't go wrong with this one. We like to compare Barbershop to black clothing…it goes with everything. Barbershop is a classic, it’s clean, subtle, and crisp. This scent can spice up any day! 

Gaelic Tweed - If we could describe Gaelic Tweed in two words, it would be fresh and clean. Gaelic Tweed has an invigorating freshness and smells like pure masculinity. This scent gives off a fresh aroma that works great in any office setting. 


Black Amber - Classic, yet modern. Black Amber is BOLD and SWEET. This scent is rich in vanilla and delivers a sense of warmth. While this scent is refined, it is also comforting. Black Amber Vanilla is the perfect scent to wear on a relaxing evening at home or a day out with the family. 

Lavedarwood - If there is one scent that describes relaxing…. it’s Lavedarwood. The Lavender in this scent delivers calmness and a sense of relaxation. The duo blend of Lavender and Cedar work together to produce a subtle and lingering aroma. If you’re a night shaver, this is the perfect scent to shave with right before bed. 

Date night: 

Olympus - Olympus is flirty, fruity, and fresh. This is a lady's favorite among our customers.  This scent is creamy, and the initial blast of fresh fruit will hit you sharply.  This is the perfect scent for a night out or a dinner with your lady.  

Mahogany - This is my all-time favorite scent we make here at WSP. It’s spicy, sweet, and definitely sexy. The woodsy spice draws you in and provides a cozy and lingering scent. You can’t go wrong with this scent! 

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