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Did you know you can get certain products made-to-order at WSP? We make a small selection of products made-to-order, which means you specifically choose what scent you want in the product. Ultimately, you choose the fragrance that makes you feel confident and comfortable, while also reflecting your individuality and style! Check out below, which products you can get made to order and create a personalized experience!

Pre/Post Shave Oil: The shave oil will add cushion and help the razor glide over your skin. The extra moisture the oil provides will leave your face feeling and looking great.

Beard/Mustache Oil: The Beard and Mustache Oil allows you to take care of your facial hair while smelling great. Maintaining a healthy balance of oils not only helps to maintain natural luster and shine, but it also helps you maintain control over your facial hair and greatly reduces itchiness and irritation.

Beard Balm: Our beard balm is a light hold pomade that also serves as a leave-in conditioner. The natural ingredients will leave your beard with a healthy shine & softer feel. It'll also stop stuff like beard 'druff, itch, & scratchiness. 

Hand Balm: Made for hands that work, this highly concentrated balm will fix your cracked & dry skin. It'll bring welcome relief to alligator skin. Stop living with cracked skin or greasy hands.

Aftershave Splash: Our Tonic Aftershave is designed to tone, tighten, moisturize, & soothe your skin. It also pulls double duty as a cologne strength aftershave! 

Aftershave Balm: Our aftershave balm is the perfect end to the perfect shave. It'll leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to get out of the house and on with your day. It'll keep your face hydrated and protected against the elements.

Solid Colognes: Solid cologne is perfect for traveling. It's compact & won't shatter and spill everywhere if you drop it. The 1 oz tin is a great size for throwing in briefcases, gym bags, desk drawers, or the tool belt. And due to it's concentrated nature, it'll last forever.

Spray Colognes: While we still call it cologne, our cologne sprays are Eau de Parfum strength which means that they'll last much longer than less concentrated fragrances. And while some scents with a lot of volatile top notes may not last quite as long, most of our scents will linger all day long; up to 8 hours.

Through our made to order program, we can offer you many more scents than otherwise possible! We can make any of the products above in any scent we have on hand! Personalize your experience and pick your scent in your next order with the products above!

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