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Now, it’s no secret…for the most part, young adults don’t want to smell like their grandparents or parents. So when you are giving a grooming gift, it can be really difficult to decide which scent to give. Below are some of WSP’s most popular scent collections with an age range that we see our customers purchasing. Everyone is different and has different and unique preferences, so don’t let this list stop you from trying something out of the box. But, if you want some guidance on a  scent to pick for a special person in your life, let us help you out! 

Generic (any age):

Barbershop: Clean, simple, and nostalgic, barbershop is a scent that almost everyone will at least tolerate. It’s WSP’s most popular collection by far because it is so versatile. It’ll please a 16-year-old who is trying to branch off of ‘axe body spray’ to a  dad who wants to freshen up his smell.

Black Amber Vanilla: This is a strong and sweet scent. It’s mature but stays young because of the balance in scents. This scent reminds us of a classic leather-bound book. It has rich vanilla, rustic amber, and black myrrh with a splash of Egyptian musk. This is very popular with women who come into the store and is warm and cozy.

Sandalwood: It’s fresh and earthy. A classic, sandalwood smell. It’s mostly sandalwood scented, with just a touch of patchouli, cedar, and amaryllis to give it a fresh pop.

Grad (Age 18-30)

Olympus: Fresh and fruity, this scent is a dupe of Creed’s ‘Aventus.’ It’s got a punch of pineapple which makes this scent flirty and sweeter. It dries down to smoky goodness for a more mature scent. This is a very very popular scent line with our younger audience, and it is my personal favorite (I’m 20-years-old.)

Gaelic Tweed: Floral and fresh, this scent is based on Creed’s ‘Green Irish Tweed.’ This scent, while clean, has a floral twist that adds some depth. It’s also flirty and fun and is perfect for a day at class or a date night out.

Dad (Age 30+)

Tobacco: No, it doesn’t smell like cigarettes. This is actually our second most popular scent! Earthy and mature, tobacco is a head turner. This is a great scent for a day in the office or out on a date. It’s a blend of tobacco leaves, bay leaves, fir, and the tobacco flower.

Mahogany: This scent is exactly what it is named. It’s insanely woody with a twist of sweetness. It also has an element of spice to it. This scent continues to develop as you go about your day. While it is a little strong for a classroom or bar, it’s got a perfect amount of punch for an office or golf club and screams ‘cool dad.’

Once again, everyone will have their own scent preferences. I always recommend getting a sampler pack of many different scents for someone before you order a full-size. However, if you are blindly picking out a gift the age of the person can determine a lot about what they might like. As always, feel free to contact us on our website if you need help choosing a scent line for someone special.



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