Fall into Fall with the Perfect Shaving Scents from Wet Shaving Products

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Hey there, Wet Shaving Enthusiasts!

The air's getting crisp, the leaves are starting to turn, and the unmistakable scent of autumn is right around the corner. It's about that time to transition from those summery fragrances to something a bit more in tune with the season, wouldn't you say? Well, we've got you covered!

We're excited to guide you through some of our fan-favorite scents that perfectly capture the essence of fall. Plus, mark your calendars: on September 21st, we're releasing a limited edition fall scent collection you won't want to miss!

Our Fall-Ready Standard Scents

Tobacco Vanilla

First up is our Tobacco Vanilla, a sophisticated blend that doesn't borrow much from its famous namesake. It stars tobacco absolute and layers in a vanilla heart touched with hints of cedar & sandalwood. Available in a solid and spray cologne, as well as all of our scented to order products.


Next, say hello to our "green" Tobacco scent. It's a fresh, clean, and modern fragrance that makes it a great everyday option. The base notes of cured tobacco leaf and flower are accented with bay leaf and fir. You can find this in everything from shave cream to mustache wax.


Ah, Mahogany. This one's a bit sweet, a bit spicy, and a lot of sexy. Think walking through a forest, but make it fashion. Its woody and spicy character makes it a fall staple. Check it out in our shave soaps and hand & body soaps , among other products.


Sandalwood is for the purists. Staying true to its woody and sensual nature, our Sandalwood features a blend that includes patchouli, cedar, and amyris. Available in Rustic and Formula T shave soaps.

Black Amber Vanille

This scent reminds us of savoring a fine glass of scotch in a leather-bound study. It combines French Vanilla with rustic amber, black Myrrh, and a splash of Egyptian Musk. Pick it up in our Rustic or Formula T shave soaps and other selected products.

Bay Rum

A true classic, our Bay Rum scent goes old school with West Indies bay leaf, rum, lime, cinnamon, and allspice. Find it in Formula T shave soap and our scented to order products.

Limited Edition: Fall 2023 Collection


Our Chai scent is your cozy autumn hug in a bottle. With base notes of deep and warm sweet vanilla and inviting apple and blueberry notes, it's the ultimate fall fragrance. Will be available only in hand & body soap bars and our scented to order products.


Ahoy, matey! Blackbeard combines tobacco, cherry, vanilla, patchouli, cloves, and spices for a piratical scent adventure. A must-try this season.


Last but not least, Lavenderwood blends lavender and red cedar wood for a harmonious fall experience. The finishing touch? A dry down featuring patchouli essential oil & musk.

So, whether you're updating your shaving regimen or simply want to immerse yourself in the autumn spirit, Wet Shaving Products has the perfect scent for you. Make sure to check out our scented to order options like shave oil, aftershave splash, beard oil, and more to fully personalize your fall grooming experience.

Mark your calendars for September 21st and get ready to experience autumn like never before!

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