Five Steps to Make a Super Lather with WSP's Rustic Soap

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So, I've had a few questions about my Instagram shave of the day photos. Specifically, how I get such thick and rich lather. Well, I'm going to show you in five easy steps.

1. Soak the brush

You'll want to soak it for at least a minute. You want the hairs to be saturated with water. I soak it for about two to five minutes; the time it takes to wash my face.

2. Let Excess Water Drip Off

In order to load a lot of lather into the brush, you need water to grab the soap particles. As such, you don't want to shake the brush dry, you just need to hold it over the sink and let all the major water drip out for a few seconds.

3. Load, load, load, and then load some more

Lather after 20 swirls

After 25 more swirls

4. Continue loading

You need to get that lather deep into the knot. You don't want to completely mash the hairs, but you need to get the soap into the center of the knot.

Lather after 100 more swirls

5. Take your photo

Arrange the brush, soap, & anything else you want to include in your shave of the day photo and take your photo!

shave soap

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