How to Open a Jammed Tin

Posted by Melanie on

We get emails all the time asking us tips on how to open one of our tins that is jammed. The tins jam for a variety of reasons, sometimes product gets stuck in the top, or the top and bottom aren’t aligned perfectly so it gets stuck. Luckily, you can easily fix this problem and continue to use your WSP product.

Instead of using your fingertips to unscrew the tin, use your PALMS. Your palms offer a better grip and a larger surface area for the tin to cling to, making it easier for you to unscrew the top.


You can also wrap your tin in a towel or blanket to get even more of an even grip and to avoid slippery/oily hands getting all over the tin.

Make sure to thoroughly wipe out the top of the tin and around the rim of the tin so that so product gets wedged in between the lid and bottom.  Also, try to store your tins in a dry, clean area and not in direct sunlight to avoid any expanding/contracting of the actual product.

Check out our YouTube channel for a video explainer on how to open a jammed tin! If you have any other tips/tricks, leave them in the comments below!


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