Happy Birthday WSP

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August is Wet Shaving Products Birthday month; we celebrate with the sweet and iconic Dragon’s Blood. We are so grateful to have come this far, but we wouldn’t be here without you. This blog will dive into some WSP history and how we are doing this year. 


 Wet Shaving Products took off and began in 2011. Before Lee started Wet Shaving Products, he started by sharpening, restoring, and selling straight razors. In 2011, Lee started WSP as a side business that was run outside of his garage.  WSP started with the idea of providing a luxury shaving brush without the luxury price. WSP eventually got a storage unit to store more items and inventory. Soon, WSP moved into an industrial suite that we now call home. With a new industrial suite, we were able to expand our product offerings and add safety and straight razors, shaving soaps, cologne, aftershave, bar soaps, lotions, balms, and beard oil. 

Wet shaving Products was founded with all-natural ingredients and continues to craft handmade products in-house. It is our mission to improve men's grooming, one person at a time, by offering the best possible grooming products at reasonable prices. We want to turn your daily chore into a daily indulgence. We want you to look your best, smell your best, & feel better by shaving against the grain with WSP.

WSP 2022: 

We are currently in our industrial suite right here in the heart of Arizona. Over the years, we’ve gained some WSP members that we are excited to have on the team! Making homemade all-natural products is something we take pride in, and we are happy to be able to provide a variety of scents in the products we offer. Each year we look forward to attending trade shows and events to meet new people and to see some familiar faces. The WSP club has been a great way for us to stay in touch with our customers who have become more like family. This year, we have been able to add new fragrances such as lime and Pina Colada and MORE to come. Thanks to you, we can expand our product base and continue to grow and progress. 

Meet Our Staff: 

Lee Tyau: The man, the myth, and the legend. Lee is the man behind it all. Lee started WSP back in 2011 and continues to build the business. While the owner of WSP, Lee continues to oversee the business and takes on the managerial role.

Cory Renshaw: Cory is head of the production team here at WSP. Cory makes it all; any product you have received from WSP, was more than likely made by Cory. While Cory is head of the production team, he also helps reorganize the warehouse and keep us stocked on all of our products. In addition, he’s got a legendary beard and has loved using our products to grow the most luscious beard.

Remaliah Jackson: Remaliah runs and maintains the WSP social media. Remaliah takes photos, edits, and generates content for the company. While Remaliah maintains social media, she also runs the front desk.

Quin Hanna: Quin joined the WSP team back in October 2021. Quin is a great addition to the team and takes on the role of doing our packing and shipping. If your package ships fast, Quin is the man behind it. While Quin maintains the shipping and packing, he also helps Cory with production and helps package some of our products. 

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