WSP Wet Shaving Starter Kit (BB Brush, 1oz Soap, & Safety Razor)
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WSP Wet Shaving Starter Kit (BB Brush, 1oz Soap, & Safety Razor)

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Everything you need to get started with wet shaving at an economical price is in this kit! Give the gift of a better shave. Included with this kit are:

  • A Black Badger brush with wooden handle. The most economical way to experience a badger brush. Firm & exfoliating, it will whip up a great lather quickly.Full product description.
  • A 1 oz travel size of your choice of our best selling Rustic Shaving Soap. The easiest lathering & slickest shaving soap on the market! Click to see full product description.
  • Our El Grande closed comb safety razor. You won't find a better starter razor for the price. Not too aggressive, not too mild. It's just right. Click to see full product description.

Scent Profiles

Barbershop - Our inspiration was an Italian barbershop. We’ve blended all the signature scents of a barbershop into this intriguing fragrance. Pairs perfectly with the matching shaving soap & aftershave. We started with a base of powdery musk, added some bergamot, orange zest, oakmoss, patchouli, and finished it with a hint of geranium.
Black Amber Vanille - Vanilla is combined with a rustic amber and rounded out with black Myrrh and a splash of Egyptian Musk.
Gaelic Tweed - A true classic. Gaelic Tweed has an invigorating freshness and pure masculinity. This is our interpretation of Creed's Green Irish Tweed.
Mahogany - It's a little sweet, a little spicy, and a lot of sexy. Sensual, woody, and spicy is how one customer's wife described it. "It reminds me of walking through a forest." is how another customer put it. "A perfect blend of sweet, spicy, & woody". I started with a base note of mahogany and then accented it with bergamot, vanilla, cedar and allspice notes. Then I threw in some cedar, vanilla, & patchouli to round it out.
Matterhorn - This fragrance was designed to take you to the Swiss Alps and the sparkling streams of water of the spring snow melt. Crisp and fresh, this is a fantastic fragrance. Inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water.
Sandalwood - A much truer sandalwood fragrance. Instead of offering you a floral sandalwood, we kept true to the woody and sensual smell of sandalwood.
Tobacco - We started with notes of cured tobacco for the base, and added top notes of bay leaf, and fir to create an intoxicating blend of tobacco and bay leaf.