Mechanic & Gardener's Bar Soap Vegan & All Natural Cuts Through Grease & Grime!
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Mechanic & Gardener's Bar Soap Vegan & All Natural Cuts Through Grease & Grime!

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- How it's Made

  • Stop using sandpaper on your hands! Other products use harsh chemicals and "sandpaper" to strip a few layers of skin off to get your hands clean... We don't.
  • Truly tough on grease. And it won't kill your hands. We made this soap because the commercial options are all made with sand that cuts the shit out of your hands. So, we made a mechanic's soap that works without sandpapering your hands. And while we're not going to claim it's gentle on your hands, it's not going to thoroughly destroy them. A little lotion afterwards is all that's needed to feel yourself again.
  • Save Time. Our soap is easy to lather and works quickly. You'll be able to build a rich, thick, & luxurious lather quickly and easily. And it'll cut through that grease & grime right away!
  • No harsh chemicals. Our 100% natural formula will cut through grease & grime, leaving your hands clean.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Buyer’s Remorse. If you aren’t 100% happy, we don’t want your money. Don’t like it? We’ll send you something you do like; and if we can’t, we’ll refund your entire purchase price. And if you are truly unhappy and want us to send you a prepaid return label, send us an email and we will.

If Goo Gone and soap had a baby, this would be it! We set out to combine the extreme grease cutting abilities of orange & lemon with the awesome cleaning power of coconut oil soap. We wanted an all natural soap that worked. Our goal was to use what nature provided instead of chemical solvents. Why? Not because we're tree hugging hippies (not that there's anything wrong with that), but because we think that if you can make a product that works just as effective with natural ingredients, you've got a superior product. Using all natural ingredients, we've made a grease cutting, highly cleansing, all natural mechanic's soap that will cut through the toughest grime.